Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Forex: Risk appetite shows up, EUR/USD hits 1.2300
Investors put timidity aside to embark on the search of riskier assets. The rise on bravery is mainly driven by bargain hunting as a new level of confidence is on the horizon. Still very premature to confirm whether the bulls appearance is a mirage or it may have some substance on it.

EUR/USD completed its upside target as the Hegemonic currency strengthened further up. The pair peaked passed 1.2300, hitting its highest daily mark at 1.2304 area. GBP/USD continues hovering around 1.5050, while USD/CAD eased down capped by 1.0465.

With regards to the Japanese Yen, the currency was outpaced by its main rivals. USD/JPY edged higher approaching its daily high at 88.72. EUR/JPY recovered the 109.00 level. GBP/JPY had a timid reaction as it continues trading stuck at 133.30.

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